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Finally, around 2016, he started learning how to use Photoshop and hasn't stopped since.

  • But rhetorically, racist jokes are told to reassure white people about their top spot on the pyramid, and to reinforce that position by degrading nonwhite people who encounter such jokes.

  • Guy is in the store.

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White people have to fully enunciate the slang term to ensure that other white people do not criticize them.

  • Explain yourself, or prepare to die! Nomeatmashers' TikTok touched on this reference, adding the Quirked Up White Boy reference to create a video that received roughly 849,000 plays and 187,900 likes in three days shown below.

  • Fox News Donald Trump Voice-Over On January 25th, 2022, TikToker nomeatmashers posted a greenscreen video in which he is pretending to be anchor.

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